Minds Full of Scorpions — now available

A week ago, Minds Full of Scorpions–our digital adaptation of Macbeth–premiered on the Elite Theatre Company’s YouTube channel.

Minds Full of Scorpions – PREMIERE

It’s been a while (four weeks).
Sorry for the lack of updates… been busy.
With this…

Launch Day!

Today, we’re announcing the website and our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

It’s like today is a brand new world.

Check out the launch video…

Minds Full of Scorpions TRAILER

Check out the teaser!

Less than a week from launch…

So today would be a sad day (it still is, kinda)… but next week won’t be a sad one…

Minds Full of Scorpions

Minds Full of Scorpions

This Halloween, something wicked comes to a screen near you, as the Elite Theatre Company will stream the FireMuse Shakespeare production of “Minds Full of Scorpions,” premiering Friday, October 30, at 7:30pm. “Minds Full of Scorpions” is a digital retelling of Shakespeare’s classic Macbeth, re-imagining the tragedy as the fragmented remembrances of the King and Queen in the moments before their deaths; in this stripped-down, twenty-five minute re-vision, the two

7-Player Cymbeline Read-Thru!

Last Saturday, I had a first read-thru of the script for Seven-Player Cymbeline. I was pretty thrilled by the results.

7-Player Cymbeline logo

7-Player Cymbeline gets a read-thru

and a logo! On August 1st, we’ll do an experimental table-read of the script, and see if the idea has wings… We’ll let you know how it turns out!

7PC — an update

OK, so I’ve been working on cutting the script for 7-Player Cymbeline… the first of the FMShakes shows.
Here’s an update…

Something wicked cool this way comes…

Our first post!