Minds Full of Scorpions – PREMIERE

It’s been a while (four weeks). 

Sorry for the lack of updates… been busy.

With this…

Minds Full of Scorpions premieres tonight!

The rehearsal process has been great.

Zoom rehearsal with the cast.

The cast has been wonderful.

Shooting on stage.

Shooting it live last week on stage at the Elite was a blast.

Your director at work.

Stage Manager Aileen orchestrating the voices and cues.

Editing it (synching it and layering video and audio effects really, as it was a one-take shot, close-up on each actor) has been a bear.

Synchronizing the footage and adding sounds.

But it’s done, the thing’s uploaded to the Elite’s YouTube channel. 

And I cannot wait for you all to see it.

But for now, you’ll just have to settle for this:

Minds Full of Scorpions premieres tonight on the Elite’s YouTube channel at 7:30pm (Pacific). You can find it here. In the coming days, I’ll post an embed from the version that will be going up on the FireMuse Shakespeare YouTube Channel.