Announcing Sonnet Project 2021

announcing Sonnet Project 2021

Got a Shakespeare-itch that you can’t scratch in this pandemic?
Dying to feel the power and glory of the Bard’s verse coursing through you (and out your mouth), but don’t have the time for a production?
Well, FireMuse Shakespeare has got you covered with its Shakespeare Sonnet Project 2021, a year-long all-digital celebration of the 154 14-liners (in most cases, at least) that helped cement Shakespeare’s poetic fame and name.
We’re looking for readers and performers willing to take a few moments to video-record themselves reading or performing a sonnet, which FireMuse Shakespeare will then release on a Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule throughout next year.
We’ve created a form where we’ll capture your name, email address, and (if you’re so inclined) your top five choices. No guarantees, but we will attempt to match readers with their selections (if you don’t list a preference, then we’ll assign you a sonnet). Then beginning next month, we will be asking for video submissions from our selected readers… a simple selfie of you reading your selection will do (but if you want to turn it into a performance and a piece of cinematic art, who are we to stop you?). We’ll then package it and release it on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube platforms. At the tail of your video, we’ll include your name and any web/social media platforms you’d like to share with viewers.
Additionally, if you so wish, you can also record a kind of “behind the scenes” video in which you discuss why you chose the sonnet, what it means to you, or any other content that you feel gives context to your choice (these, too, will appear on the FireMuse YouTube channel).
Join us in creating something special for the new year!
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