Sonnet Project 2021 Kick-Off!

It’s the first Monday of the year, so you know what that means (or maybe you don’t)…

The first video release of this year’s year-long sonnet project, of me reciting Sonnet #1.

It’s not the greatest… just a straight recitation. But guys, I’ve received three others and they are KILLER… one’s a straightforward presentation, only with a wonderful refutation of the poem’s message in a great “behind the scenes” video; another is an artistically ambitious short film; and the third is a wonderfully subversive take on the sonnet itself.

If these are any indication, this year is going to be awesome.

Since I’m not going to take up blog space with 154 sonnets, you’ll need to check out the videos either on our YouTube page (where you can subscribe to the channel or like individual videos), like and follow us on Facebook, or follow us on Instagram (or, heck, hit the trifecta and do all three!).