The Return of 7-Player Cymbeline!

OK, with the first month of the year-long sonnet project under our belts, it’s now time to look forward to the next phase of FireMuse Shakespeare…

7-Player Cymbeline!

7-Player Cymbeline

After last year’s test-read of the first version of the script, I’ve made some changes, beefed up the Stage Manager and added more interactivity with the audience. But before we go casting and performing the damn thing (which I hope to debut in the late spring/early summer… outdoors, limited audiences, as we crawl out from under the COVID boulder), I think it best to do one more reading of the script in a controlled situation.

If you’d like to be involved (distance is no object in this reading… this will be Zoom-ified), drop me a message through the contact page.

A reminder of the cast/characters:
CHARACTERS (3 m; 2 f; 3 either)

  • PLAYER 1: Imogen (daughter to Cymbeline); a Briton soldier/jailer (she)
  • PLAYER 2: Posthumus (husband to Imogen); Cloten (son to the present queen); Cornelius/ia (a physician in Cymbeline’s court); a royal attendant; a Roman captain (he)
  • PLAYER 3: Cymbeline (King of Britain); Cloten’s attendant lord; another royal attendant (he)
  • PLAYER 4: Pisanio/ia (Posthumus’s servant); Philario/ia (Posthumus’s host in Rome); the ghost of one of Posthumus’s brothers; another Roman captain; a gentleman of the court/Briton lord (they)
  • PLAYER 5: Iachimo (friend to Philario); Guiderius/ia (child of Cymbeline by his former queen–living in the woods under the name of Polydor); Sicilius (the ghost of Posthumus’s father); a Briton soldier/captain; a messenger (he)
  • PLAYER 6: Cymbeline’s Queen; Belarius/ia (an exiled noble person–under the name of Morgan); the ghost of Posthumus’s mother; Philarmonus/a (a Roman soothsayer) (she)
  • PLAYER 7: Caius Lucius/ia (a Roman general); Arviragus/ia (child of Cymbeline by his former queen–living in the woods under the name of Cadwal); the ghost of another of Posthumus’s brothers; another gentleman of Cymbeline’s court (they)
  • STAGE MANAGER: …oh, and the god Jupiter (they)

Let’s do this!