7-Player Cymbeline AUDITIONS!!!

7-Player Cymbeline AUDITIONS!

With apologies to the Marines, we’re looking for a few good, fun-loving, people to engage in a grand experiment.

This summer, it is the goal of FireMuse Shakespeare to launch a traveling band of performers to take Shakespeare to the audiences of Ventura County, in a series of patron-hosted, small-audience, socially distanced outdoor performances.

Our first production will a stripped-down 90-minute version of one of Shakespeare’s lesser-known romances. In a version we’re calling 7-Player Cymbeline, we’ll be combining Shakespeare’s text, George Bernard Shaw’s rewrite of the ending, and a game-show, all done with seven performers and stage manager playing twenty-five roles (already cut from the original text’s 39).

So, we need performers, ones willing to spend some nights in Zoom rehearsals until May, then blocking rehearsals in our super-secret location, with an optimistic premiere date of Saturday, June 5th. We’ll then run various Saturday matinees through the summer when we’ve got audiences booking us. There may be the opportunity for actors to share roles if they cannot commit to the full summer.

Zoom auditions will be on March 21 and 22, with callbacks on March 24.

For more info, check out the 7-Player Cymbeline homepage.

CHARACTERS (3 m; 2 f; 3 either)

  • PLAYER 1
    Imogen (daughter to Cymbeline); a Briton soldier/jailer (she)
  • PLAYER 2
    Posthumus (husband to Imogen); Cloten (son to the present queen); a royal attendant; a Roman captain (he)
  • PLAYER 3
    Cymbeline (King of Britain); Cloten’s attendant lord; another royal attendant (he)
  • PLAYER 4
    Pisanio/ia (Posthumus’s servant); Philario/ia (Posthumus’s host in Rome); the ghost of one of Posthumus’s brothers; another Roman captain; a gentleman of the court/Briton lord (they)
  • PLAYER 5
    Iachimo (friend to Philario); Guiderius/ia (child of Cymbeline by his former queen–living in the woods under the name of Polydor); Sicilius (the ghost of Posthumus’s father); a Briton soldier/captain; a messenger (he)
  • PLAYER 6
    Cymbeline’s Queen; Belarius/ia (an exiled noble person–under the name of Morgan); the ghost of Posthumus’s mother; Philarmonus/a (a Roman soothsayer) (she)
  • PLAYER 7
    Cornelius/ia (a physician in Cymbeline’s court); Caius Lucius/ia (a Roman general); Arviragus/ia (child of Cymbeline by his former queen–living in the woods under the name of Cadwal); the ghost of another of Posthumus’s brothers; another gentleman of Cymbeline’s court (they)
    …oh, and the god Jupiter (they)

Interested? Go to the Audition Sign-Up form

And if this kind of performance doesn’t float your boat, please share this with someone who you think would be interested. Or contact us to book a performance!

Thanks, and we’ll see you… this summer!