2021, looking back; 2023, looking ahead

So, 2021.

Just about in the books…and what a year it’s been:

  • The Sonnet Project — all 154 sonnets, put to video by some of the finest talent around
  • 7-Player Cymbeline — though we had to cancel our final shows due to (of course in this year) COVID, we were able to perform five times, to well over 150 audience members. And I think I can safely say those audiences were happy with the show.
  • (ok, though technically not FireMuse Shakespeare, founder Bill Walthall finally saw his production of an [almost] all-female ANDRONICUS run at the Elite Theatre Company in Oxnard)

Frankly, it was exhausting.

And we’re exhausted.

So, it’s with more than a little sadness to announce that we’re taking 2022 off. No free tour this summer… But we do have some ideas percolating for 2023!

See you then!

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