Announcement coming soon…

I’ve got an announcement (and call for submissions) coming soon… so keep your eyes and ears peeled on IG and FB…

Sonnet Project 2021 Kick-Off!

It’s the first Monday of the year, so you know what that means (or maybe you don’t)… The first video release of this year’s year-long sonnet project, of me reciting Sonnet #1.

Looking back…and ahead

As we reach the end of the year, it’s a time of reflection.

Sonnet Sign-Ups

OK, so that last blog post was a couple of weeks back was all about the upcoming Sonnet Project 2021. Well, sign-ups have gone pretty well.

Announcing Sonnet Project 2021

Got a Shakespeare-itch that you can’t scratch in this pandemic?
Dying to feel the power and glory of the Bard’s verse coursing through you (and out your mouth), but don’t have the time for a production?
Well, FireMuse Shakespeare has got you covered with its Shakespeare Sonnet Project 2021, a year-long all-digital celebration of the 154 14-liners (in most cases, at least) that helped cement Shakespeare’s poetic fame and name.

Project Announcement Coming Soon

We’re prepping an announcement for our first 2021 project…

Minds Full of Scorpions — now available

A week ago, Minds Full of Scorpions–our digital adaptation of Macbeth–premiered on the Elite Theatre Company’s YouTube channel.

Minds Full of Scorpions – PREMIERE

It’s been a while (four weeks).
Sorry for the lack of updates… been busy.
With this…

Launch Day!

Today, we’re announcing the website and our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

It’s like today is a brand new world.

Check out the launch video…

Minds Full of Scorpions TRAILER

Check out the teaser!