Less than a week from launch…

So today would be a sad day (it still is, kinda)… but next week won’t be a sad one…

Minds Full of Scorpions

Minds Full of Scorpions

This Halloween, something wicked comes to a screen near you, as the Elite Theatre Company will stream the FireMuse Shakespeare production of “Minds Full of Scorpions,” premiering Friday, October 30, at 7:30pm. “Minds Full of Scorpions” is a digital retelling of Shakespeare’s classic Macbeth, re-imagining the tragedy as the fragmented remembrances of the King and Queen in the moments before their deaths; in this stripped-down, twenty-five minute re-vision, the two

7-Player Cymbeline Read-Thru!

Last Saturday, I had a first read-thru of the script for Seven-Player Cymbeline. I was pretty thrilled by the results.

7-Player Cymbeline logo

7-Player Cymbeline gets a read-thru

and a logo! On August 1st, we’ll do an experimental table-read of the script, and see if the idea has wings… We’ll let you know how it turns out!

7PC — an update

OK, so I’ve been working on cutting the script for 7-Player Cymbeline… the first of the FMShakes shows.
Here’s an update…

Something wicked cool this way comes…

Our first post!