7-Player Cymbeline

The Return of 7-Player Cymbeline!

OK, with the first month of the year-long sonnet project under our belts, it’s now time to look forward to the next phase of FireMuse Shakespeare…
7-Player Cymbeline!

Announcement coming soon…

I’ve got an announcement (and call for submissions) coming soon… so keep your eyes and ears peeled on IG and FB…

7-Player Cymbeline Read-Thru!

Last Saturday, I had a first read-thru of the script for Seven-Player Cymbeline. I was pretty thrilled by the results.

7-Player Cymbeline logo

7-Player Cymbeline gets a read-thru

and a logo! On August 1st, we’ll do an experimental table-read of the script, and see if the idea has wings… We’ll let you know how it turns out!

7PC — an update

OK, so I’ve been working on cutting the script for 7-Player Cymbeline… the first of the FMShakes shows.
Here’s an update…